Benefits of Running

There is a considerable increase in number of cases of heart disease, hypertension & diabetes over the past couple of decades among Indian population particularly urban population. In India, the heart ailment has replaced the communicable disease as the biggest killer. A large section of population has adopted an unhealthy lifestyle combined with decreasing physical activities, increasing stress levels & higher intake of saturated fats & tobacco.

Apart from life threatening disorders like heart disease, hypertension & diabetes, the poor life style has big role in increasing incidence of the “Silent Killers” like the osteoporosis (weak bones) obesity, depression & sdecreased libido etc.

Given the grim situation there is an urgent need to make a conscious effort to sensitize people about preventive measures those will help them warding off the possibility of above mentioned disorders.

We at Rajdhani Merathan League wish to work to achieve the objective by making people aware of benefits of improved physical activities. the easiest, cheapest & most effective is simple running/jogging. We are enumerating few of the many benefits one can get by regular running/jogging/brisk walking.

Regular running to medium distances (8-10 km) improves the ability to your heart to pump strongest & more efficiently. As you get more aerobically fit, your heart pumps more blood & O2 with each beat & your muscles will extract more O2. Running increases the activity of enzymes & hormones that stimulates the muscles & the heart to work more efficiently, it boosts HDL (good cholesterol) & decreases unhealthy triglycerides. A study published in Journal of American College of Cardiology showed that modest runners having heart disease had 55% lower risk of dying heart, heart disease related death. Their overall risk of dying was reduced by 30% compared to non-runners.

Running increases heart rate, thereby increases lung function. Running improves the function of respiratory muscles. It also causes alteration in the elasticity of lung & chest wall muscles. That’s how it improves the vital capacity & other lung volumes.

The running helps in prevention/management of following diseases :
a) Ischemic heart disease
b) Hypertension
c) Stroke
d) Type II diabetes
e) Breast & few other cancers

Running is a high impact weight bearing exercise & one of the best exercise to build strong bone, slow age related bone loss. Makes your muscles & ligaments of joint stronger. Running is most beneficial for bones & muscles of legs, hips, pelvis, spine & to some extent shoulders. Although running at any age do benefit bones & muscles but starting at early age helps in prevention of age related/post menopausal osteoporosis significantly.

Neuroscientist at Cambridge University have shown (supported by other studies) that running stimulates the brain to grow fresh grey matter (neurogenesis) & it has a great impact on mental ability. Running induced the growth of new brain cells, improve the ability to recall memories without confusing them, a skill that is crucial for learning & other cognitive tasks.

The running helps in prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. Many researchers recommend regular running during examinations for better academic performance.

Running is fastest & easiest method of loosing weight. Running can burn off more calories than any other form of fat burning exercises. If a man of 200 lbs stroll at pace of 2miles/hour, he would burn 113 calories in 30 minutes, if he walks at a pace of 4 miles he will burn 226 calories in 30 minutes & if he runs at a pace of 6 miles/hour he burn 453 calories in 30 minutes.

If you run for 30 minutes for 4 days a week then the overall metabolic rate of your body increases many times. Thus, the accumulated fat gets burned out even when you are not doing the exercises. Running by reducing the fat mass & by toning up muscles improves your body configuration making you look smarter.

Running improves cardiac endurance. It trains the heart to perform at highest level & keep you up to the mark without need of taking rest in between. Regular runners have improved body image & personality makes you look sexier & more attractive.

Running keep your heart, blood pressure & arteries out of problem thereby reducing possibility of erectile dysfunction.

Running releases endorphin & helps in mood elevation. Moreover running leads to cell proliferation in hippocampus (a part of brain) which again reduces depression & make you feel happier & more relaxed.

You may also feel better about your appearance & yourself leading to boost up your self confidence.

1. Make new friends
2. Visit the doctor less
3. Slip into skinning jeans
4. Get a natural glow
5. Improve self esteem
6. Stay steady have better balance & less injury
7. Always feel more energetic
8. Strong core improves posture, strengthen limbs & helps make everyday activity a breeze
9. Sleep better
10. Reduces stress

1. One of the best cardio-respiratory exercise
2. Helps control high blood pressure
3. Bone & muscle development
4. Helps control weight & burn fat
5. Brain growth
6. Improves memory
7. Anti depressant & mood elevator
8. Improves immune system
9. Reduces chances of Alziemer’s disease
10. Better life expectancy
11. Reduces visits to doctor less
12. Build confidence & increases mental toughness
13. Strong core improves posture
14. Stay steady, better balance & less injury
15. Always feels more energetic
16. 24x7 happiness
17. Get natural glow
18. Improves self esteem
19. Slip in to skinning jeans
20. Make your role model for younger generation