Every day in my clinical practice as orthopedic surgeon, I come across good number of people who are suffering from various ailments only because they are not exercising.

I discussed with some of my friends that how the modern sedentary life is taking toll on health of average person particularly in metropolitan cities. We decided that we should work as a group to spread the awareness and convince people to exercise regularly to stay fit and add more enjoyment to life. This is how we conceived. “Rajdhani Marathon league”.

We all know that brisk walking & running are the simplest and cheapest method of exercising and need only a pair of good shoes.

To promote the objective of RML Society, we plan to help people to train themselves to do jogging, running & brisk walking, wish to motivate more and more people to regularly exercise, encourage them to progressively improve their performance, and make as many person as possible to become fit enough to run Marathon. We shall use all possible means to communicate i.e. seminars, conferences, Social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, website, and other electronic media including radio.

We also plan to organize half/quarter Marathon for various sections of society at regular intervals.

We are sure that you will be one of the participants and will also help in motivating more and more people to achieve our objective.

Founder President