In last couple of decades, our country is developing fast and many people are getting more prosperous and ambitious. Higher aspiration makes a person to devote more and more time to profession leading to higher stress level. This leaves hardly any spare time for other activities including physical exercises. Prosperity leads more physical gadgets, motorised transport and fewer requirements of physical efforts in daily routine, creating “couch potato”. Unfortunately in our country, unlike developed countries, people are not sports oriented and health conscious which results into increasing number of cardiac disorder, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, depression etc. This phenomenon is more visible in cities and particularly in metropolitan cities.

Our vision is to correct this anomaly in our life style. We wish to convince and motivate people that profession and physical fitness can go hand in hand. Only thing required is that one makes such a routine that he is able to spare time for health fitness activities on regular basis. Further, while marathon race is primarily meant for those who are already running on regular basis, the 10.5 km & 5 km run are meant for those who are starters or who are not doing enough on regular basis but want to improve upon their performances. We plan participation by around 5000-6000 persons in 2016 and around 22000-25000 persons by 2018 in the RML Marathon, the annual event of the society.

To achieve the set goals, we not only need to motivate people but also have to extend technical, moral and logistic support by extending information regarding planning and execution of exercise as well as running schedule in short and medium term, organise recurrent live training workshops, seminars and extending theoretical knowledge through website, print media, social media and interactive sessions.

Let’s take pledge to contribute our little effort to make a :